To grow from each setbacks
To see the light from every  


Hugo Yang, founder of KGbio, sits on the sofa in his office, where a huge calligraphy of the Chinese words “sincerity” can be seen hanging on the wall, and on the inky black sofa, spread a white and beige bull fur. Yang would always gladly introduce these two objects to every visitor. “The calligraphy of Sincerity is what I gave to myself on the 48th birthday, a reminder to myself that I should never forget the original intention. And the fur spread is a family gift that every member would get in the early age. This fur spread has accompanied me through my life, and has seen every up and downs in my journey. There are some major turning points in my life at the age of 8, 18, 28, 38 and 48, and they also engraved the growth of KGbio company.” 
"The picture is ever so vivid in my memory – at dusk, an eight year-old kid sitting alone on the ridge of rice field. I don’t know if it was out of the inferiority that I am a kid without father, or being tough-minded, I was always alone. I felt I was different from other kids, and thought I could be brave and being on my own. I would watch the sunset till the time to go home. The lonesomeness I had of being brought up in a single parent family has influenced me greatly. I know I can be fearless, and I can protect my family with my brother even though I was just a little boy. To be brave and strong, and live on one’s own strength is the faith I gained since then."
"Being tall and study plus the rebellious streak had turned me into a dangerous figure in my teenage years. I felt bored in class, and thought it was a waste of time being at school. I spent every minute fooling around. Fortunately I was able to meet a life-changing teacher, Mr. Chang Shui-Ming. Mr. Chang never gives up on me, he knew that I had interest in the natural, and would ask me to help preparing for his biology class. To help managing the green house in the school, to prepare for materials in the lab, all these tasks awaked me from my confused days. Without preaching or forcing, Mr. Chang has redirected my energy to the longing for perseverance.   
In this period, I met Mr. Lin Tsun-Yuan and Mr. Hsu Wei-Chi, two benefactors who have changed my life. I was very shy when I first entered this industry. Lin and Hsu helped setting goals in my work, and encouraged me to do things as I wished. He trained my ability of eloquence by asking me to give a one hour speech on a box every day. Sometimes the workers in the pig farm paid no respect on me, and I have done many frontline tasks, such as feeding, cleaning and even giving injection to the pigs. I have also learned how to dissect sick chickens and pigs, and examine the conditions of the illness. Because of the experiences I had in this period, I can fully understand the real side of the industry, and also the voice and need of front line workers. I have to give thanks to Mr. Lin and Mr. Hsu, for they gave me the chance to challenge and expand my horizon. Their trust teaches me of the true meaning of hard working – no pain no gain.   
The outburst of FMD hit the livestock market in Taiwan, and almost smashed the industry. Just married and received my first bay, Ihad to make a serious decision in life. With firm support from two of my greatteachers, Yan Huang-Ta and Hsia Liang-Chou, I founded KGbio with 300 million dollars,and started a broad phase of my career. A shining new step based on solid technology and creativity.
At the year I turned 48, an utterly busy period when our new plant were being built, every day I spent long hours working without paying attention to my own health. I started to notice symptoms such as hand trembling, palpitations, irregular breathing and dizziness. So my wife insisted me to take a health exam at once. The result was cancer. I turned blank when I heard the news, and could only get my mind back several hours after. The first thought I had was what do I have to leave to my wife and children? Luckily enough, in the end the doctor diagnosed it was thyroid tumor that I had, and I could be all right after taking operation. It felt like I have received a token to re-enter the world, and made me decide to dedicate my life to take care of more people. The longing for personal success turned into social responsibility. Therefore further investment was made to produce high quality human health products. I am grateful for all the things and people I met along the growth of KGbio. In the next 10 years, 20 years or decades after, I promise to hand down the same mission and responsibility in the running of our company.