R&D Cooperation

Solid-state fermentation technology.

Analytical platform of chemical instrument.

Development platform of medicinal species.

Verification platform of animal and cell efficiency.

Applied platform of products’ activity and function.

The first in Taiwan of co-developed technology of fermented mung bean products with FIRDI.

Worked with NPUST to develop the industrial manufacturing process and facilities of solid state fermentation.

Technology-developing programs collaborated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The first beauty aiming biotechnology cluster program, which has been recognized by Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Exclusively received the technology transfer of planting patent Antrodia camphorata bacteria from Council of Agriculture.

Service Awards/Certifications

Development of ingredients of functional food.

Supply of functional ingredients. Including solid state fermentation of Antrodia cinnamomea, raw materials of solid state fermented mung beans, raw materials of soothing black beans, lactic acid bacteria species...etc.

‘Innovative R&D Enterprise’ awarded by the Ministry of Economics.

Certification of ISO9001, ISO22000 and HACCP.

National Biotechnology Award.

Gold Medal of Taiwan Quality Product.