Renew our life

July 2021

KGBio was celebrated for 20 years anniversary.

Nov. 2020

KGBion built the agricultural circular economy system, and obtained the BS 8001 certificate.

August 2020

KGBio host the First Animal Precision Nutrition Forum 2020 in Taiwan.

Sep. 2019

KGBio was invited to WVPAC, and published the dissertation.

March 2019

KGBio was invited to VIV Asia 2019.

February 2019

KGBio was invited to IPPE 2019.

Feb. 2019

The dissertation published by KGBio, was awarded the BEST Paper Award in East Asian Veterinary Society in Japan.

Nov. 2018

A.KGBio was invited to EuroTier in Hanover.
B.KGBio’s product VIVA, the functional feed addictive for anti-bird flu, was awarded “Taiwan Innovation Award”-Agriculture and Food Biotechnology section.

May 2018

KGBio obtained the Fami-QS certificate.

February 2018

KGBio served as Taiwan’s delegation to attend the 2018 BIO International Convention.

July 2017

KGBio, on behalf of Taiwan food biotechnology, attended 2017 Taiwan and Thailand Industrial Alliance Summit Forum.

March 2017

KGBio was invited to VIV Asia 2017 in Thailand.

Dec. 2016

KGbio promoted the model of antibiotic free feeding and built the alliance of Taiwan circular economy in agriculture.

October 2016

A.KGbio signed an MOU with Olmix Group and National Pingtung University of Science and Technology.
B.KGbio was invited to Vietstock Expo & Forum in Vietnam.
​C.A consultancy contract between KGbio and MasterLink Securities Group was made in order to get prepared to be listed for stock exchange.

Sep. 2016

KGbio was invited to share its ideas in the 2016 Terre Forum in France, participating in the round table discussion of new changes and impact of circular agricultural biotech on the animal industry in France.

July 2016

KGbio and Anyou Group signed the agreement for technical cooperation.

June 2016

A.KGbio served as Taiwan’s delegation to attend the 2016 BIO International Convention.
B.Food Industry Research and Development Institute authorized its patens to KGbio for using the special cultures.

January 2016

KGbio received the certificate of Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS).

Dec. 2015

Yuanta Securities invested in KGBio.

October 2015

KGbio obtained the new version of ISO certificate.

January 2015

As written in the Biotechnology Industry White Paper published by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C., KGbio was regarded as one of the key players in the Biotech industry.

March 2014

KGbio applied for registration on Go Incubation Board for Startup and Acceleration Firms (GISA) as being listed in the category of Biotechnology and Medicine company. The four-digit stock code is 7407.

January 2013

The concept of ‘Blue Economy’ served as the core value of the company.

Sep. 2012

KGbio received the Silver Medal for ‘Taiwan Healthcare and Agricultural Biotech Industries Innovation and Excellence Awards’ by the Executive Yuan and Epoch Foundation.

Sep. 2011

KGbio was awarded ‘National Biotechnology Award’ and ‘Gold Medal of Taiwan Quality Product’.

February 2011

Our self-developed product, Taiwan Mungbo, hit the market. KGbio valued the concepts of ‘Blue Economy’ and ‘Renewable’ and put them into practice.

Dec. 2010

A.KGbio received the technology transfer of Antrodia camphorata bacteria patent from the Council of Agriculture.
B.KGbio began mass production of fermented mung bean food and bio-nutrition products.
C.Cell laboratory was established.
D.KGbio obtained the GMP certificate of health functional food.

October 2010

KCNT was officially renamed as ‘King’s Ground Biotech Co., LTD’ (KGbio) and established its own CIS (Corporate Identity System). Originated from the previous logo that showed the concept of Taiji, the new logo further represented an eco-friendly and sustainable enterprise image.

February 2010

KCNT was recognized as the leader of the biotechnology cluster project by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. Moreover, based on the previous R&D experiences, KCNT developed the application of Antrodia camphorata, mung bean, ormosia, and black soybeans to health food products.

August 2009

New factory was constructed. KCNT received certificates of ISO 9001, 22000 and HACCP on mung bean fermented food.

June 2009

KCNT was awarded‘Innovative R&D Enterprise’by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.

Nov. 2008

KCNT moved from Kaohsiung to its new factory in Pingtung.

July 2001

Mr. Hugo Yang along with a few nutrition PhDs and experts as co-founders founded King’s Crown Nutrition Technology (KCNT) with NTD 3 million as the start-up funding. The establishment of KCNT was based on our professional knowledge in nutrition and innovative marketing strategies.