Integrating the wisdom of Chinese ancestors with the spirit of agricultural circular economy, King’s Ground BiotechCo., Ltd., through the perfect technology of “Solid-State Fermentation’, transforms different kinds of agricultural byproducts, such as mung bean shells, soybean residues, coffee grounds, tea byproducts, etc., into highly precious biotech-products, which have the main benefits of regulating immunity, enhancing disease resistance, promoting gastrointestinal health, and improving protein digestion. These ingredients have been used to create some functional products of NGP (Natural Growth Promoter) animal feed addictive and “human health”, and provide the preventive medicine and precise nutritional solutions for optimal health.


Our Philosophy

To be grateful our parents in a respective way; to value our foods through a fermentation method


Our Mission

Innovate Preventive Medicine and Promote Circular Economy of Agriculture


Our Vision

To become a leading brand as a “Natural Growth Promoter” in Asia Pacific

To integrate a biotechnology business with circular economy spirit

To establish and implement “One Health” concept balancing between our inner health and outer environment